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So You Want to Hire a Wix Web Designer

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

So you hopped into Google and typed “Wix Web Designer Near Me.” It's such an overwhelming thing to start a business and then you throw in building a website to the mix and its enough to make you decide you may be in over your head. But you're not! A Wix designer or Wix developer is out there and its their job to make your life easier. I carefully craft my Wix websites for maximal user experience, clear conversion paths, and stellar design. So Let’s answer some questions you probably have.

Do professional designers use Wix?

Yes! It’s in nobody’s best interest to reinvent the wheel. That’s only going to cost a web designer time and you more money. Just because I can hand code a website from scratch, doesn’t mean I have to in order to prove I provide high quality professional services. The Wix website builder can generate beautiful, on brand sites and pages for any business. The benefit is that anything that Wix can’t do, I can most likely custom code for you. And that’s what sets me apart from other designers in the Wix Arena.

Where can I find a Wix web designer?

Right here, friend. I’m a Wix Marketplace Partner and have hefty experience in web design in general. Furthermore, I am also a brand designer and have a heavy foot in marketing, so I know how to use that knowledge to make sure your website doesn’t just look great, it makes sense for your customers. A great looking website can only look good, but it can't necessarily help your customers see that you're the best choice for them. That's where my experience in user experience design and research comes in to your benefit.

How Much Does it cost to hire a Wix designer?

This depends on the web design package you choose, which would be designed to fit your needs. You can see what I have available by clicking the button below.

Is Wix good to make a website?

Wix is an awesome website builder. It boasts its own form of custom development code, Velo, and has many capabilities that similar sites like Showit don’t have, such as built-in blogs, built-in marketing analytics dashboards, built-in email capabilities, storefronts, and course content system, and so much more.

Does Wix Have Templates?

Wix does have their own templates, which you are welcome to use, but the beauty of having a web designer is to stand out from the sea of other online businesses out there. The last thing you want is to look like everyone else. To remedy that, I’ve also started creating premium website templates for Wix.

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