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Biggest Website Trends 2023

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Website Trends 2023

Top Web Design Trends for 2023

It’s no secret that web design trends change with the times. What may have been popular a few years ago may not be so hot now. And as we move further into the future, new trends will continue to emerge. If you’re a web designer, it’s important to stay on top of these trends so you can keep your designs fresh and up-to-date. Buckle up for web design trends 2023 and read on about the future of web design!

A web design trend for 2023 that will continue to grow in popularity is the use of animation and micro-interactions and micro animations.

Something that has been cropping up in the design world, especially the latter months of 2022, are very intentional uses of animations and micro-interactions. Unique and animated parallax scrolling was huge in 2022! My belief is that with the influx of short form content and dwindling attention spans, we need more of these small and unexpected movements on the screen to keep the user's attention on the page, so this is a big one for design trends 2023. This could be incredibly useful to integrate while visitors wait for a website element to load or to push them down the page to find the information they came for. This is a tricky trend, as responsive web design is even more important than ever, with mobile users increasing even more this year. It would be smart to test animations and micro-interactions extensively on mobile, or to disable them only on mobile to avoid a poor or incorrectly working user interface.

Storytelling will also be a big trend for 2023 website design, as more and more designers try to create an emotional connection with users.

Site design is more than utilizing current web ui design trends and adaptive design. Emotional connection with the visitors of your site will determine how well they perceive the brand. Which, let's be honest, all websites are meant to support and build the brand. I believe using strategic story-telling will help customers to convert. Web users are becoming even more aware of ads and marketing tactics. With thousands of ads a week being shoved in internet users faces, they need to feel an emotional connection to feel trust with the brand website and subsequently travel further down the funnel to conversion. It would be wise to cater a specific web page that speaks to each emotional problem one's most common visitors are experiencing - not to manipulate them, but to help them understand that you know their problem and have a solution. How long will visitors stay on with this current web design tactic? I predict much longer than a one page website that only speaks about its services and not the needs of the customer. This is an important website design trend if you ask me.

Web designers will also focus on making sure that the designs are still responsive and look good on all devices.

Website design in the last few years, as well as in the coming years is all about responsive design. Mobile-first design has been a bit of a buzz word lately, as it often seems designers assume that desktop web browsing is obsolete. This is especially untrue for B2B (business to business) providers. It's always wise to assess how your typical customer browses the internet. All of that being said, mobile web browsing is ramping up speed and designers in 2023 should stay ahead of the curve by ensuring all elements on a web page are collapsing and responding without negatively affecting the web content. Popular solutions for this are css grids, high quality illustrations, legible text, and design elements being hidden to reduce clutter. Popular website builder software like Wix, give highly customizable options for mobile design to ensure you can properly utilize modern site design on mobile as well as desktop.

User experience (UX) designers will continue to focus on making websites and apps more user-friendly.

Since you've been reading up on trends in web design, you're probably seeing the term "human-centered design" a lot. This is also a trend for the year 2023 and most likely one to stay for the long haul. Like I mentioned earlier, humans are now so used to seeing ads, they're able to easily ignore them which means ui trends 2023 and beyond will need to get smarter. We can counteract this by seeing our internet users as the humans they are and appealing to their emotions and showing them how businesses don't just have their own best interest in sight. If there's information or buttons or other website elements that you believe could be presented to a human in a more helpful, intuitive, or easier way, you're only improving the user-friendliness of your site, and therefore increasing trust and the likelihood of a purchase or booking. Another segment of this is paying special attention to inclusive design. Website visitors that may have trouble seeing certain contrasts need web designers and website owners to be mindful of their site's color palettes. Make your website easy for all to understand and you're ultimately expanding your audience.

And finally, personalization will also be a big trend in web design, as designers try to create unique experiences for each user.

Personalization will be one of the most important trends in web design and also in digital marketing. Every year, websites and web platforms become more data-driven and rely on analytics and optimization techniques to improve user experience. As a result, a lot of emphasis is placed on creating personalized experiences for customers, with log-in options catering to the specific user. This is very similar to how social media algorithms show a "for you" page. People are getting used to the catered content and will likely appreciate web designs being personalized. Simple things like a log in screen with their name and recent links could help users navigate your site as they typically do, instead of going through all the same clicks a new user might have to go through. This is a great way to make return customers feel valued. New solutions for this will be big for 2023 and the latest website design atmosphere.

No matter what web design trend in 2023 you decide to jump feet first into its important to do more than just read a list of website trends and try to stuff them all into your site. In the web design world, everything is about the end user, especially in recent years. If you aren't taking the time to analyze why web design trends in 2023 are cropping up, you could end up missing the point and it could end up negatively affecting the site you use for your bread and butter. If you're serious about making sure your website isn't as clunky as the pages of the early 2000s but you aren't sure what to do with website design trends, contacting a web design agency to help you navigate the web design sphere would be in your best interest. Check out solutions provided by Superlunar Design Co. to see if we have what you're looking for!

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